"Real Chiropractic"

Dr. Matthew McReynolds, Deming Chiropractor and owner of McReynolds Family Chiropractic, has been called a "Real Chiropractor" by our patients here in Deming, NM.

We consider this a high compliment, not only to the doctor and his technique and our predecessors in practice, BUT also to the great people of SW New Mexico who really know the difference between REAL Chiropractic and other forms of healthcare.

We intend to honor the real Chiropractors from the past AND the people of Deming by practicing straight ahead, honest, traditional, subluxation based, family friendly, wellness focused chiropractic care. We will deliver excellent care in a very reasonable time frame at an affordable price. Consultations with the doctor are FREE and he is accepting new patients. Call today: 575.546.5757

Deming's "real" Chiropractor checks your spine & nerves for subluxation.If you are subluxated he delivers real adjustments by hand to realign and balance your spine, allowing the nerve system to function properly (restoring proper communication between the brain & body), so your body can heal itself and function better.
McReynolds Family Chiropractic

Ultimately we can help you feel better, and live better through chiropractic care, which is why our motto reads:
Be Healthy. Live Healthy through Chiropractic care.

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