Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Canned food for Healing House in Deming, NM

We hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

But as we celebrate this joyful season, it is appropriate for each one of us to remember our many blessings AND the people around us in greater need. There are many women and children here in Deming and throughout Luna County who are at risk. Some have been hurt and abused...
The rest of the people in our community can make a positive impact by simply helping provide food. This canned food drive is a real act of charity. It is a small way for you to help. Become a partner with Doctor McReynolds and our staff...Donate food.
The Healing House - Deming NM
We are encouraging our patients (and others in the community) to bring in canned food items for The HEALING HOUSE!
Join with us in our effort to support our local Women and children's shelter. This service is a confidential safe house for battered women and children of Luna County. Domestic violence is a horrible crime against women and often leaves our most vulnerable citizens as victims.
Help us help children. Your gifts will make a positive impact in Deming for our shelter's residents, our local economy, and for the County budget!
The Healing House provides the following services to our community:
crisis intervention; legal advocacy;
job, housing and immigration assistance;
offender's program; information and referrals;
24 hour crisis hotline:
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800−799−SAFE (7233)
counseling; community outreach;
support groups in English and Spanish.
Children must be accompanied by a parent.

Come by our office and pick up a list of items needed!

Everything collected at your "Deming Chiropractor" - McReynolds Family Chiropractic - will go directly to the women's shelter to help feed children and their moms.

In addition to providing food for basic needs of these women and children, Luna County also helps people affected by Domestic Violence with professional Intervention and Crisis Management. They provide a safe place to get out of a dangerous situation and start over.
The Healing House provides a place and personnel trained to help with the following needs:
Advocacy, Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence Shelter, Education, Housing Information, Legal, Mental Health, and Skills

If you need immediate assistance with violence OR counsel regarding domestic abuse, please call The Healing House: 575.546.6539
OR call the National safety Hotline:

800.799.7233 (SAFE) @ http://www.thehotline.org/

OR if you'd like to get involved helping victims, contact the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence @ http://www.nmcadv.org/


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